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    Write More Orders

    Sell More Stuff

    User-friendly barcode scanning system


    Designed specifically for taking orders at trade shows and markets.

    Replace paper order forms and streamline your order management process.

  • How OrderXpert Works

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    Find Customer

    You simply highlight your name in the list of salespeople, and all of the customers assigned to this name will appear in an alphabetic list for you to select from. No typing in numbers or names. Typical time required to find a customer: 5 seconds or less.

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    New Customers

    Instead of finding the customer in a list, you tap a New Customer button which prompts you for the customer's telephone number. Use the on-screen keypad to enter the number and you are finished. All of the customer's other information (name, address, etc.) can optionally be entered at this time, but most often it is quicker to enter the information on the PC after the order has been finished. Use a business card scanner connected to the PC and eliminate most of the manual typing!

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    Point and Shoot

    Building an order is very intuitive. Aim the scanner at the product's barcode and press the scan button. Done. Product is added to the order and the totals are instantly updated on the screen. Scan the next product without touching the screen or taking any other action. Nothing can be easier or faster than this.

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    Don't let your order writing process slow down your sales! OrderXpert is built for speed.

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    Accuracy is what differentiates a good day from bad day.

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    Remind yourself how computer systems should work with OrderXpert. Take comfort in knowing that your orders are where they are supposed to be.

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